Friday, October 2, 2015

Something was brewed and has now come a-creeping...

So Mina V. Esguerra put up a Paranormal Fantasy, and I took a deep breath and signed up. Time to break out of my comfort zone and see if I can do this. I'm sure other classmates of mine went through that too.

And the result was this:

It's amazing how many stories the #StrangeLit class churned out!

My story is part of the Fateful Turns bundle, along with 9 other stories. Right now it's already available at Buqo for only P90 (regular price is P250).

My short story is entitled Fate, and whenever I look back on how everything came to be, I believe it fits the title as well!

All he ever wanted...

All Daniel Santiago every wanted was to get laid, like any other normal guy. But with his powers come a strange curse that cannot be broken, unless he meets The One.

...was what she cannot give.

All her life, Felicity simply followed what her family told her she was fated to become. But a chance encounter with Daniel makes her rethink that maybe her life can be something other than entirely black...

Fate is very memorable for me because I got the idea for Daniel while watching a play. The guy's movements inspired me to create a character who isn't your typical attractive/appealing hero. This is also perhaps the first time I wrote a story from the male perspective, and where he is the protagonist.

Thank you to Bronze Age Media for facilitating this workshop and to all our mentors who motivated us with their words. Congratulations, too, to everyone who participated in/tried the/finished the class.

A blog tour is coming up, and I hope you'll join in on the fun! Thank you to #buqo for sponsoring our class, and for the beautiful cover.

Update: A launch of these four books coming up!
It will be at Recession Coffee, Eastwood Mall, on Saturday, October 24, from 2pm to 4pm. It's open to everyone. I hope you can come! :)

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