Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The importance of having friends

I don't think I would have re-started on this path if I hadn't met two awesome people who inspired me with their relentless drive to keep going and publish their story.

One is Kesh Tanglao, author of the fab, kilig-much novella, The Real Score. I have never honestly indulged in romantic fantasies involving artists because they are so up there, but this one has got me imagining myself dating a certain Mr. T, whom shall remain nameless because I am still hoping I'd get to date him someday, and God-forbid he'll ever find out I've been gaga over him for ages.

The second is Anne Plaza, of In Over Her Head, a story that hits a bit closer to home for so many reasons. I cannot tell you how many laughs I've had over that one because of certain similarities, or the times I've shouted, "No!" haha silly me.

But there you go, true story.

So with them in my mind, I sat down and started writing. They inspired me, see, to do this - to do the dream. To try to make that dream come true. And I guess, in the end, that's all I can really ask of myself - to try. Succeeding? That's a dream, a goal, one I can only pray for and strive my best to achieve.

There's another one who helped me get going, patiently listening to my crazy plot ideas, my sister M. She's fabulous, that one. I've been such a chatterbox all my life, and since we are roomies, she's had to listen to me blab/fight/cry/whimper for over 25-going on 26-years of her life.

Now that I'm trying my hand at this writing and getting published and achieving the dream goal of mine, I fully realized how important it is to have friends at your back, right from the start. You need writer friends to message when you're going bonkers over a plot that just won't write and right itself (get it?) and to agonize over the lack of readership. And you need non-writer friends to, you know, keep you sane and remind you that there's a life outside of your writing. Yes, there is.

So this is me, blabbing. I actually just finished working (yes, I have a job), trying to avoid the fact that one of my plots, my third favorite out of the four I've written so far (because it's the third one I wrote), is stuck and I am nowhere close to figuring out where the heroine wants to go.

If you have time, dear reader, do try to read my short story, the first one I ever put anywhere that is actual fiction and not a retelling of my own sordid love stories, The Love (Dis)connection, available on Wattpad and Figment.

And last but not the least, I'm on Twitter, finally! It's @suedonymko.

Have a great mid-week ahead. It's almost weekend!


  1. Anober, I crai na! :P

    Same here! I wouldn't have gone a step further if not for your help. That one comment gave me all the push I need to do this. So, thank YOU!. :D

    Let's keep on writing!


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