Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 1

This is a project that was fifteen years in the dreaming, and three months in the making.

This is me, finally writing -- something I almost didn't pursue, until my godmother told me one day, "I'm still waiting for your story, anak!" And so the dream was revived. As they said, the universe will conspire with you to fulfill your goal.

So I met some people who really inspired me because they were doing the dream.

I finally reached that state in life where I realized that writing does not happen by sitting down and waiting for my big break. It happens by sitting down and writing word after word, churning out chapter by chapter, over weeks or months on end.

In the course of three months, I have finished two novellas and one short story. I have another one in progress, but I don't know when that story will ever have that final period that marks the end of my story--if it will even have that at all. But for today, I finally reached down deep inside me and published the first five chapters of my ten-chapter short story.

This short story, which I have given the title of The Love (Dis)connection is about teen romance, the perils of falling in love with your best friend, delving into that age-old oft argued line that a boy and a girl cannot simply be friends. In my experience, yes, we could be. But Aurelia begs to differ.

If you have an account on Wattpad or Figment, do read my story there, or follow me! The Love (Dis)connection still has five chapters to go, and I might make a Youtube video for it because...well, I don't want to spoil it.

The Love (Dis)connection


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