Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A novella, a short story and an even shorter one

I've been keeping busy with writing lately!

I joined the #buqosteamyreads class (read about my experience in the link!) to learn more about writing and romance tropes and for experience. I am proud to say I hit the 5000 minimum word requirement (my word count is about 10,000 now) but of course I can't objectively say that it is a stellar, budding best-seller short story that will soon be sold in the Buqo store. I am just glad I reached my goal, and I really tried to make it the best I could. However, I can't think of a title yet, and I'm still unsure as to who can and will make my cover for the cost of, let's say, peanuts.

The experience was beyond my comfort zone. Writing an adult story with a heat of level 3 was beyond my norm. Honestly, I never even imagined that I'll be writing something smutty! But I told myself it's a challenge, and I wanted to rise up to it. My journey towards my finishing my story was made enjoyable by my #buqosteamyreads classmates on Twitter, as well as our face to face classes. The whole thing was a very memorable experience, and probably something I'll tell my kids about in the very far, far future.

But watch out for that, and hopefully I can announce the title, the selling price, and the cover in this blog! I'm really excited for this, and I am super grateful to Mina V. Esguerra, our mentor, and the Buqo team for sponsoring our venture.

Aside from the #buqosteamyreads class, I am also aiming to join the Luna East Arts Academy Volume 2 anthology. I have so far written a short story somewhere over 2,200 words, and I am hoping it will be included in the Volume 2, which is still up in the air at the moment, actually. I'm just...excited.

My short story is entitled Stolen First Kiss, and for now you can read it on Figment or Wattpad. I got my title in a burst of inspiration while brainstorming for my title for my #buqosteamyreads class. Go figure. But I'm proud of the title, and I hope you guys will like it, too!

Aside from this, I also have an upcoming novella, and its working title is Adria's Choice. It's with my editor now, and the cover is also currently in the work. One of my goals with writing is to create stories that are realistic, with a positive or at least optimistic ending, that people can relate to, or empathize with. That's the first story I ever finished, after several false starts since I was young. Hopefully I can put that out to the world this year. :)

Talk again soon :)

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