Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Welcome to the friend zone

We are midnight meetings and late night dinners;
We are hot choco buddies and intermittent grinners;
We are soul deep bared dreams and prolonged eye contact;
We are wavelengths sync successes, with all our clothes intact.

We are secrets over coffee, whispered in the night;
We are six feet apart, growing closer in the morning light;
We are pre-dawn breakfast buddies and end of day lullabies;
We are two frequent jokers, hiding truths behind our lies.

We are questions left unanswered when your hand grazes mine;
We are two cigarettes and counting, what's right toeing the line;
We are swapped histories and tales, foundation building;
We are tentative hand holding, soul longing, heart breaking.

You are a treasure among men, my glimmer of hope;
I am your constant pursuer, at the end of my rope.
You'll forever be her lover, and myself, my foe --
This will never go anywhere...I have to let you go.

November 11, 2015

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