Friday, January 17, 2014

I Remember

I remember the penguins and the tigers and the bears,
I remember the forevers, the promises and illicit kisses,
I remember the rustle of sheets, the whispers
The sound of your groans, my moansall our best.

I remember the dates, the nights, the fights
I remember the tears, the lies, the breaks
I remember my cries, your shouts, and the slights
They cut too deep; too fast; too much.

I remember you said love, and I said 'nay';
I remember I said love, and you said 'too';
I remember I said mine, and you said 'yes!'
Then the love became nothing, and the yesa no.

I turn away my eyes now, and my heart to stone;
I shut my brain down now, and our past behind the door;
I keep your love in a box now; my letters, with the wind;
I remember everything, my love, but I will never let you know.

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